Our Services

C. Duggan Interiors, LLC is a humble and grateful company committed to assisting others in their time of need. We take pride in our civic work and passionately support various charitable organizations. Here are some of the charities we love to help through our services.

Pre-Construction / Construction Management

Our Pre-Construction / Construction Management services encompass a range of key activities. These include assessing project feasibility, conducting thorough inspections to determine existing site conditions, developing progress budgets and performing comprehensive cost analysis. Additionally, we identify long lead items and schedule deliveries, coordinate with the Building Department and Permit Expediter to streamline the permitting process, and collaborate closely with the Architect, Designer, and Engineering teams to optimize design and constructability. Our goal is to ensure comprehensive and efficient support throughout the entire construction process.

General Contracting Services

Our General Contracting Services involve thoroughly reviewing bid drawings and project documents, addressing any concerns through RFI’s and questionnaires. We furnish a comprehensive cost estimate for the work indicated and establish a project schedule that outlines the anticipated completion timeline. To ensure efficiency and professionalism, we coordinate our highly skilled subcontractors, known as our “A Team,” to construct any project. Finally, we provide all necessary close-out documents, O&M manuals, and the Certificate of Occupancy.

Sustainability and Green Building

Our Sustainability and Green Building services encompass a wide range of expertise. With a rich history in developing and executing green construction projects, we leverage cutting-edge science to minimize waste, implement sustainable building techniques, and prioritize recycling. As a part of our commitment to sustainable practices, we proudly maintain affiliations with prominent green building organizations including ANSI, ASTM, and ASHRAE. Our experience extends to successfully completing LEED projects and navigating the LEED certification process. We understand that building a greener future necessitates continuous education, strategic thinking, and the exploration of innovative concepts.

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