C. Duggan Interiors
General Contractors and Construction Managers


Preconstruction / Cost Consultancy
 Our Preconstruction process ensures that the concept of the owner, Architect and Engineers are conveyed to the construction team, factoring in each requirement and analyzing all aspects of the project. Services provided are free of charge and include budget development, design and construct ability review, value engineering, site logistics and projected monthly schedule for payments.

Design Build Services
Our Design Build efforts can afford the owner cost savings and reduced administrative burden by placing both the design and construction responsibility of a project in our hands. Acting on behalf of the owner, we use our strategic professional and trade alliances to effectively design, build and deliver the entire process with ease.

Construction Management
The C. Duggan Interiors deliverable process and approach can encompass a diverse range in options to proactively manage the sequence of construction. Utilizing the latest in technology, we have streamlined communication between project team leaders and integrated systems to track projects status in real time.

 Service Work / Term Contracts
 As a "Turn Key General Contractor", we can perform a variety of services such as general maintenance, painting, carpentry and service of your Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning, Plumbing and Electrical systems. With a "Term Contract" we can provide "24 hour" monitoring/emergency service to meet your facility management needs.

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